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slythin_puff's Journal

One of the Six Communities for The Hybrid Elite
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Welcome to your common room for all the wonderful Snake and Badger hybrids. If you haven't been sorted and would like to join us please see hybrid_sorting to apply.

What we are.

Many people are surprised that there are such people, and there are a few who are. Slythinpuffs are truly the most dangerous of all the houses, as they use their patience and their loyalties for their means. They aren’t afraid of getting in trouble to make sure what they want, or need, to get done gets done. These people are hard to be friends with, but once you are their friend don’t be expecting them to leave your side soon. If you asked them advice, they’d probably tell you the best answer for the both of you.

If you take a look at the Elemental parts of this House (which JKR admits she based the four canon houses off of) this house is the combination of two very conflicting elements: Water and Earth. Here are their descriptions below:

Water: Like the water in a glass, water signs conform to the elements around them. Feelings, emotions, and deep personal conversations are what motivates and stimulates the water signs. Sensitive to a fault, the water signs are often more concerned with your feelings and needs then their own. You can find them at movies crying loudest and most often. Everything seems to touch them.

Psychic and secretive are often characteristics of the water elements. When they can no longer withstand the emotions of the world, they often retreat into their own private worlds. Sometimes this leads to compulsive behaviors and fearful ways of life. If the emotions get too strong, these people can be become addicted to drugs, alcohol, food or anything that keeps them from feeling as deeply.

Trust is a big need of theirs, which the earth signs can bring to water. Earth signs also bring the need stability and consistency to water that keeps it contained in a healthy calmer manner. In fact, water signs can be so emotional that the simplest things can get blown out of proportion into big dramatic scenes. Water signs dislike the strong boisterous personalities of the air and fire signs.

Earth: Talk about rocks. The most stable, consistent and sometimes rigid of all the signs. Once they make up their minds, like mountains they cannot be moved without huge efforts. Practical, patient, reasonable, and persistent are these signs. If you want to make sure a project gets done and gets done "right" call, on an earth person. They will stick with it until the bitter end. Not much one for spontaneity or flexibility. (We have to leave that up to the air signs) Not as sensitive as the water signs, the earth signs are still aware of the needs and often want to serve others. These people are not much one for the limelight. If it can be done, an earth sign will do it without the need for recognition.

Often so rigid, they become stuck with old routines to the point of impracticality. Fear of starting something new, earth signs can be very cautious to the point of missing a great opportunity. Conventional to a point of boredom.

The fast moving, changeable air signs fascinate Earth signs though they are un-trusting of their unworkable schemes. If you see an adult asking why repeatedly, you can pretty much be assured you are in the company of an earth sign. Fire signs are too forceful for their slower thorough nature. Sharing with the water signs the characteristics of retentiveness, self-protectiveness, and acquisitiveness. Water signs will sooth and comfort the worry element so often found in the earth people. With this support and encouragement, earth signs can work and work and work.

All about you.
Pleaase fill is out when you join us so we can get to know you.

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